Rage Against the Machine offshoot Prophets of Rage are nearing completion of their second album, and a new track is to be released this Friday (Jul. 6). Bassist Tim Commerford described the 13-track follow-up to their 2017 self-titled debut as “beautiful” and suggested it could contain a wider range of genres.

“We made a record, and it was an imprint in time, and we did that,” Commerford told Kaaos TV (video below) about the first LP. “And we're on to another record now. We've already finished a 13-song record that we are just in the process of just putting together at this moment in time. … We have a new song that comes out on July 7th. And it's on to new territory, new sounds and new music."

Asked if the band had established a stronger sense of its own identity via the new material, Commerford said they were in an enviable position of being able to “make whatever kind of art we want,” adding, “We wanna make a rock record? We make a rock record. We wanna make a hip-hop record? We can make a hip-hop record. There's so many things that we can do, and so I'm excited about just the future of making new music and what that means. And, like I said, we just finished our new musical outlook, and it's a beautiful one."

He continued, “It's a different direction, it's not the same, and I love that. I grew up … listening to bands that made records, and you were waiting at the record store to hear what it might sound like. … And so that's the way I feel like we're doing it right now. We're growing and we're creating and we're going in a new territory – and I feel really good about it."

Prophets of Rage are currently on tour in Europe, with a North American run scheduled to start on Jul. 22. The dates haven't been disrupted by guitarist Tom Morello suffering a broken hand last month. You can see the full schedule on their website.


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