After getting just what they needed with the Onion AV Club, the Punch Brothers continue to perform all over the Internet, bringing their plucky style to Beck's 'Sexx Laws' for today's Daytrotter session—and they're primed for a May 1 appearance on Austin City Limits.

Beck's madlib-lyriced 1999 single receives the mandolin-and-banjo treatment well--hearing the cover brought forth a strange string of images: a lobster-suited scientologist doing an Appalachian jig (can't believe he is either), a handcuff with one end attached to a fiddle (don't ask me how), and full-grown Chris Thile that's not afraid to cry (he never was). The Beck jam transitioned into 1927 banjo classic 'Train on the Island,' before the Brothers played originals 'Patchwork Girlfriend,' 'Movement and Location,' and 'Clara.'

No word yet on whether the ACL spot will feature another track off of 'Midnite Vultures'; if so, we're hoping the guys remember to bring their rhyming becktionary once again.