Skier and filmmaker Candide Thovex has partnered with sport apparel company Quiksilver to premiere 'Few Words,' a film documenting his rise from childhood to gold medalist at the X Games. A four-minute teaser for the movie featuring footage of Thovex skiing on impossibly steep terrain uses the moody electronic music of a German artist.

What's the song in the video? It's 'Black Water,' a track from the album 'The Devil's Walk' by the Berlin musician known as Apparat. The quiet song slowly builds to a louder climax, much the same way the teaser opens with serene shots of deer and bighorn sheep before revealing extreme skiing at its wildest.

Amid slow-motion shots of Thovex, the droning voice on the Apparat track sings, "Shapes still melt into the smoke / Looking down at scattered bones / I used to keep a slender hope / 'Til they spread above the stone / 'Til they spread above the stone / I pulled the trigger by mistake / Floundered at the aftermath / Slowly recognized escape / We will be ephemeral."

When drums and guitars enter the mix, Thovex is shown skiing down snowy mountains, creating mini-avalanches behind him as he races towards the bottom. The extreme rides look incredibly dangerous, but he escapes unharmed.

Apparat has been releasing music since the early 2000s. 'Black Water' was also featured in the U.K. version of the TV show 'Skins.'

Hear Apparat's 'Black Water' in the Quiksilver 'Few Words' Movie Teaser

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