The blues can only go so far. After the Black Keys and the White Stripes, what advancements can be made in the this old American tradition?

Well, a lot actually. New York's Raccoon Fighter, for instance, add a bit of Southern twang and Spanish flair to jazz up their brand of blues.

The trio's latest single, 'Santa Tereza,' sees them diving deeper into minor-key mystery, combining psychedelic rhythm guitar and a vision akin to Juan Diego's encounters in Mexico City.

"[It's] A song describing a fever dream I had while visiting Brazil, " singer Sean Gavigan tells

Verses filled with slap-back echo, R.E.M.-style backing vocals and dry, driving guitars keep the listener guessing as the song rides mule-back onward in a desert caravan, taking the blues all the way to Yucatan.

Watch out for Raccoon Fighter in 2013 -- these guys could get huge.

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