At Radio, our insanely addictive online station, new music is our lifeblood. This week, we've got six fresh jams, two of which mark the return of beloved '00s rock bands. As always, we're playing fast and loose with genre, serving up a frothy mix of old-fashioned guitar rock and newfangled electronic wizardry.

Starting with those aforementioned comeback songs, NYC heroes the Strokes slide back into the limelight with 'One Way Trigger,' a bizarro blend of synths and falsetto vocals that shows these so-called garage rockers aren't done evolving. 'Now,' the new tune from pop-punkers Paramore, is a bit more straightforward, though Hayley Williams and co. branch out slightly into Top 40 pop and deliver a massive hook.

Elsewhere, Florida emo heavyweights Hot Water Music bring the intensity on 'Drag My Body,' Vegas faves Imagine Dragons reach for the heavens on the anthemic 'Demons,' French electro-pop auteur M83 works his '80s magic on 'Steve McQueen' and magnificent British minimalists the xx caress the eardrums with 'Sunset.'

Hear all six -- as well as hundreds of other essential tracks -- by clicking the link below.

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