As the morning bell rang out across the U.K. this morning, Radiohead fans awoke to find that the enigmatic band (who semi-mysteriously vanished online over the weekend) are, in fact, gearing up for something big.

After erasing all their social media posts and having their official website go blank, Thom Yorke and the gang posted a 15-second stop-motion animation of a chirping bird on Instagram.

A few hours later (around 7AM EST), another video emerged. The second clip features a similar claymation aesthetic, but also includes what's believed to be the first music from Radiohead's upcoming ninth album.

The video features a group of religious zealots burning a witch tied to a tree, definitely in keeping with the "Burn the Witch" leaflets Radiohead sent in the mail to U.K. fans a few days ago.

What does it all mean? Aside from signaling that the release of the new album is likely imminent, we'll likely have to wait for more claymation to tell us.

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