One of the surprises of Radiohead's tour in support of A Moon Shaped Pool has been the intermittent addition of their first hit, "Creep," back into their setlists. In a new interview, lead singer Thom Yorke explains why they decided to bring it back.

Speaking to Q (via Pitchfork), Yorke said that the seeds were planted on May 21, during their second of two nights at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, where the tour commenced. Apparently, a man in the audience kept shouting it out. “I kind of wound him up by starting to play it," Yorke said, "which was a bad idea as it was like lighting a fire.”

After the main set, they discussed playing it in the encore, but the crew rejected it because they "weren't prepared." But the seeds were planted, and, as Yorke added, “We just said, ‘Let’s see what the reaction is, just to see how it feels.’”

At their next show two days later, at Le Zenith in Paris, it made its way into the second encore, the first time the group had performed the song since the Reading Festival on Aug. 30, 2009. Of the seven dates they have played since May 23, they've brought it out twice, each time during the encore.

According to, Radiohead have played "Creep" 361 times; however 317 of those shows were between 1992 and 1998, and there have been major tours (such as in 2000, 2008 and 2012) where they didn't break it out at all. Released in 1992, "Creep" was Radiohead's debut single, catching on at the height of the grunge movement and turning them into global stars.

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