One savvy Radiohead fan has highlighted a clue indicating the English alt-rockers' ninth album may arrive sooner than we previously thought.

A Reddit user notes the band established a new company dubbed Dawn Chorus LLP this past October. This could be a significant development, considering Radiohead did the very same thing just prior to releasing their last two albums.

Thom Yorke and company formed Xurbia Xendless Ltd. in July 2007. Three months later, they released In Rainbows. Likewise, in December 2010, the band created Ticker Tape Ltd. before dropping The King of Limbs in February of the following year. Both companies served as the distributors for their respective albums.

Though Radiohead have remained pretty tight-lipped when it comes to the follow-up to 2011’s The King of Limbs, an optimist could conclude that because Radiohead set up Dawn Chorus three months ago, the arrival of their still-untitled ninth album may be imminent.

What’s more, as Consequence of Sound points out, in 2009, Yorke said he was working on a track called “Dawn Chorus,” which shares its name with a 2002 Boards of Canada song.

Radiohead have been hard at work recording their next album, but they've been reluctant to commit to a timeline for its release. However, Jonny Greenwood said the band hopes to tour behind the album sometime this year. Yorke also unveiled what could be a new Radiohead song during his set at Pathway to Paris last month.

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