Like “Lift” and “Man of War,” both of which will also be included on Radiohead’s OK Computer: OKNOTOK, a reissue marking the 20th anniversary of OK Computer, “I Promise,” which you can listen to above, was a regular on the set lists of the '90s.

In particular, the song was played on tour in 1996, but never to return to performances or see an official release, though it has long been circulated by fans on bootlegs. Despite a large swath of unreleased Radiohead songs, all three were among those most widely topping fan’s wish lists.

“I Promise,” however, is more personal than the other two songs that are getting their first official airing, as well as the bulk of 1997’s OK Computer. Where the rest of the coming two-disc collection revolves around more abstract ideas like technology, globalization and aliens, “I Promise” seems like it might follow a couple’s argument, with the narrator’s pledge to do better.

According to NME, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke believes it sounds a bit like a Joy Division song.

After a week of fans speculating on what would an anniversary edition might include, many of them wonder when they'll hear the updated versions of these previously unreleased tracks, like "I Promise," live. Radiohead will begin the European leg of its 2017 tour on June 7.

You can pre-order OK Computer: OKNOTOK, which will be released on June 23, on Radiohead's website.

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