Radiohead fans who ponied up for the deluxe vinyl edition of the band's A Moon Shaped Pool LP got a few extra goodies for their investment — including the previously unreleased track "Ill Wind."

The track, which is exclusive to the deluxe edition but can be found sporadically flitting around various online audio outposts before the inevitable cease-and-desist requests are filed, was recorded during the same sessions that produced the LP. It's one of two bonus cuts included on the Moon Shaped Pool box; the other, "Spectre," was released last year after being passed over for consideration as the theme song for the most recent James Bond movie.

In addition to the album — pressed on two vinyl discs and included on CD — the special-edition version of Pool packs an assortment of additional bonus material, including a 32-page book and a half-inch snippet of tape culled from a session for one of the group's albums. "The tape degrades over time and becomes unplayable. We thought rather than it ending up as landfill we would cut it up and make it useful as a part of the special edition. A new life for some obsolete technology," they explained in the press release announcing the box. "Each loop contains about three-quarters of a second of audio - which could be from any era in the band's recording past going back to Kid A. You may have silence, you may have colored leader tape, you may have a chorus... It's a crapshoot."

Surprise releases have become something of a hallmark for Radiohead, but now that "Ill Wind" has been sprung on the public, fans should expect the group's next release to have a more traditional lead-up. "I’ve totally had enough of that. No more fuss, just put it out. I’m getting too old for that," frontman Thom Yorke recently explained. "It takes away from things a bit, and it’s sometimes frustrating. The energy of trying to do it differently and circumvent the monsters, you’re like…. whatever."

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