Radiohead are the latest act to deal with the increasing issue of stage safety. The group was set to play Toronto's Downsview Park Saturday (June 16) when the stage collapsed, killing one person and injuring another three according to initial reports from CBC News.

Later reports reveal that the person killed was a drum technician for the band. A Radiohead spokesperson identified the victim as Scott Johnson, 33, from Doncaster, England. The band members were not onstage at the time of the incident and were unharmed.

Radiohead tweeted, "Due to unforeseen circumstances, tonight's [show] at Downsview Park has been canceled. Fans are advised not to make their way to the venue."

The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne, who was in Toronto to play the NXNE festival, also took to Twitter, adding, "So sorry to hear about the bad s--- at the Radiohead stage … F---!! All respect!! All love!!! Our thoughts are with you." Coyne's band had their own stage issue in Oklahoma last year when a lighting rig came crashing to the ground during a weather-related incident.

This tragedy follows several stage collapses that occurred last year. Eight people were injured during an incident at a Cheap Trick show in Ottawa last year. After the tragedy, the band went to Congress to lobby for safer stage regulations.

Five people were killed during a weather related stage collapse during a Sugarland show in Indiana and three were left dead after weather caused a stage collapse at a Belgian festival last year.

Live Nation announced that the concert was canceled. Patrons had not yet begun to enter the park at the time of the incident. CNN captured video footage from the incident site, which is posted below.

Watch Footage From the Radiohead Stage Collapse Site

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