Hailing from St. Joseph, Mo., Radkey have been performing their own brand of punk rock for more than four years. The three brothers have played all over the country and just wrapped up a European tour, but at yesterday's 4Knots Music Festival in New York City, they experienced something new for the very first time. Midway through their performance of 'Feed My Brain,' the sound completely cut out and left Radkey onstage with no PA system.

While some bands might lose their cool and not know what to do, Radkey proved that they are true rockers and nothing can phase them. Not missing a single beat, each member powered through 'Feed My Brain' with enough intensity and energy to keep the audience cheering the entire time. If you don't believe us, see for yourself in the video above. You can hear the sound disappear about 15 seconds into it.

"The No. 1 rule is to never stop," bassist and middle brother Isaiah Radke tells us after the performance. "Some people don't know that. That's what you have to do." Besides some hearty laughter, he didn't have much more to add. It was obvious that the incident didn't bother him or his brothers. "It's just part of the show," he says.

Radkey likely gained some new fans at the 4Knots Music Festival because of how they handled this potentially set-ending situation. It's clear the band subscribes to the mentality of rocking as hard as they can or not rocking at all. There is no in-between.

And if you want to hear how 'Feed My Brain' sounds without technical difficulties, check out the track below:

Radkey, 'Feed My Brain'

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