Radkey have stirred up some serious buzz for their brand of garage-punk with the release a handful of EPs and one-off singles, including last year’s “Feed My Brain.” Now, the Missouri band of brothers -- Isaiah, Solomon and Dee Radke -- are continuing to build anticipation with yet another single, “Parade It.” However, this time, the single comes with the promise of the band's soon-to-be debut full-length. Take a listen to the new track below (via Noisey):

Since their beginnings five or so years ago, Radkey have refined their unrestrained and captivating sound, but “Parade It” just might be their best output yet. The eldest Radke, Isaiah, says “Parade It” is emblematic of the band’s growth, and it will help prepare fans for what to expect from their upcoming album.

“‘Parade It’ is the perfect look into the vibe of our new record,” he told Noisey. “We’ve been out touring as a band for close to five years now, and our music has grown and become a lot more mature. As three young men with a ton of quests under our belts, we finally have songs that are a bit more personal as opposed to, ya know, all about ‘mudering s---.’”

"Parade It" will appear on the yet-to-be-titled Radkey debut, which is due out this summer. Before then, the band will release their new song as a limited-edition single backed with a live verison of their track, “Red Letter,” in May.