Nashville indie rockers Raging Fire will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their debut EP, A Family Thing, by reissuing their entire catalog this fall.

The 24-track compilation, Everything Is Roses, will feature 1985’s A Family Thing, the band’s 1986 full-length, Faith Love Was Made Of, and a series of previously unreleased songs, alternate takes and live cuts. The band will self-release the album on CD and limited-edition vinyl on Oct. 6. It will also be made available for digital download.

Ahead of that day, the band has shared “Beware of a Man With Manners.” Take a listen below (via Nashville Scene):

Raging Fire’s frontwoman Melora Zaner recounted the band’s origins in a press release.

“The first night I met Michael [Godsey, guitarist], we started talking about music,” she recalls. “He listened to some songs I’d written for a band I was in. He said I should leave and form a band with him and Mark [Medley, drummer]. I told him I’m not a punk singer; I don’t scream. I indentified with punk music, I just didn’t sing that way.”

Zaner also detailed the diverse influences that helped drive the band’s unique sound.

“From the start, we knew we were onto something new,” she explains. “We wanted to combine storytelling with the punk music we loved. We wanted to bring in blues and pop melodies. I don’t have a big, huge voice, but I thought I could be a stylist. I thought of Patti Smith, one of my heroes, and Siouxsie and the Banshees, and X and Blondie, but also Billie Holiday and Little Esther. I thought there was something valid there.”

The quartet -- Zaner, Medley, Godsey and bassist Les Shields -- eventually disbanded in 1989. However, the surviving members (Godsey passed away in 2012) will reunite for a Everything Is Roses release party in Nashville on Oct. 3. Get more information at this location.