The resurgence of vinyl is no secret -- physical sales doubled last year in the U.S. alone. Record Store Day -- the holiday that brings out fans by the masses to pick up exclusive, limited-edition releases -- has grown right alongside those sales figures. Now, the American Association of Independent Music has announced RSD will expand even further with a weekly Vinyl Tuesday.

Originally conceived back in 2007 as an annual celebration of all things vinyl celebrated on the third Saturday of April, Record Store Day has since added RSD Black Friday. Now, local retailers can choose to participate in a weekly Vinyl Tuesday event as organized by the Department of Record Stores and RSD.

When it officially launches -- which is yet to be revealed -- Vinyl Tuesday will focus on catalog releases, commercial and promotional releases, Record Store Day exclusives and vinyl reissues of albums that were previously only released on CD and digitally.

In a press release, the A2IM said it hopes Vinyl Tuesday will “maintain and grow physical retail” and plans to open the weekly event up to “the international community of retailers” (via Exclaim!).

This year’s Record Store Day took place last month and brought with it a 12-year sales high for independent retailers and saw the White Stripes, Run the Jewels and Bob Dylan among its top sellers.

However, Record Store Day hasn’t gone without criticism. Prior to the 2015 installment, U.K. indie labels Howling Owl and Sonic Cathedral argued that major labels had taken over the holiday and would no longer participate in the annual event.

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