The Replacements have finished auctioning off all 250 copies of their ‘Songs for Slim’ reunion EP, raising a total of $105,743 to benefit former member Slim Dunlap, who suffered a stroke last year and now must receive around-the-clock medical care. 

"This staggering amount far exceeded any expectations; the Dunlaps, the Songs For Slim team and New West Records are deeply humbled by this overwhelming response of love and support," reads a post on the Songs for Slim website. "Nearly 6,500 individual bids were made and almost 4,000 people participated in the 10-day auction. Copy #1 went for an astounding $10,000 to a Replacements über fan in Brooklyn."

"Over half of the winning bids were in the $350-500 range, with 26 copies going for $500 or more," the post continues. "The average winning bid was $422.97 and the “price of entry” (i.e. the lowest winning bid) was $310.50 – again, numbers that far exceeded any sensible early predictions. As the auctions ended throughout the day on January 25 with all of the nail-biting excitement of a close horse race, it became clear just how far people were willing to open up their pocketbooks – and hearts – to support this eminently worthwhile project."

The Songs for Slim project will continue, with artists as varied as Jakob Dylan, Craig Finn and Frank Black among those slated to release limited-edition records in the near future for auctioning to benefit Slim.

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