Reptar sound stuck halfway between the theme song to a Brat Pack rom-com and an insanely catchy Matt and Kim jam -- and trust us, we mean that in the best possible way -- pairing the refined pop sensibilities of an '80s synth act in the vein of Duran Duran (or dare we say Hall and Oates) with the earnestly goofy love anthems of the aforementioned indie duo formed in a Brooklyn basement. What else would you expect from a band hailing from Athens, Ga. that's named after the Godzilla-parodying lizard monster from the 'Rugrats' children's TV show?

Reptar first burst on to the indie scene in 2011 and won over fans with their uniquely off-kilter take on indie pop with the insanely catchy and insanely quirky lo-fi EP 'Oblangle Fizz, Y’all!' For their full-length debut, 'Body Faucet,' Reptar tapped en vogue uber-producer Ben Allen -- the man behind discs from Animal Collective, Washed Out and Gnarls Barkley -- and the uptick in production budget certainly polished their sound, although it also stripped away some charm in the process.

'Houseboat Babies,' meanwhile, keeps the band's oddball vibe intact while still benefiting from more refined sonic assault. It may not but be the song that's most representative of Reptar now and where they're headed, but it's a fine pick for a single nonetheless.

Listen to Reptar, 'Houseboat Babies'

8 out of 10 rating

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