Score another win for Reptar, the champions of the latest Sound Off. The Athens, Ga.-based rockers' ‘Orifice Origami’ beat out Lower Dens' 'Brain' for their second Sound Off victory and now move on to face S. Carey's 'Avalanche' in the latest showdown.

Self-described "disco dust" rockers Reptar turn in four minutes of fun with ‘Orifice Origami,’ a catchy, funky electro-pop nugget that finds a happy little space somewhere between Vampire Weekend and MGMT. 'Orifice Origami’ is off the group's latest album, ‘Body Faucet.'

'Avalanche' comes to us from 'All We Grow,' the debut album from Bon Iver backing musician S. Carey's eponymous solo project. Carey studied classical percussion at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, but 'Avalanche' is more inspired by Bon Iver's introspective folk that any classic composition. Chill digital beats, subtle piano flourishes and vocoder vocals meld in this slow-building, atmospheric jam.

So, pick your poison: Reptar's 'Orifice Origami' or S. Carey's 'Avalanche.' Both are awesomely catchy electronic cuts, but only one can win the Sound Off. Get your vote in now, as the polls close Monday, May 14 at 11AM ET.

Listen to Reptar, ‘Orifice Origami’

Listen to S. Carey, 'Avalanche'

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