Reptar are the new champs of's Sound Off. The voting margin was close, but in the end, the indie pop outfit's funky tune 'Orifice Origami' beat Metric's latest single, 'Youth Without Youth,' on the battle that launched Monday. Today, the group's winning song goes up against Lower Dens' 'Brains.'

'Orifice Origami' is catchy from the opening beat. The Athens, Ga. band's track -- off of their recently released album 'Body Faucet' -- is sprinkled with hand claps, keys, and vocal layers, and it will satisfy a craving for a playful sound that's slightly reminiscent of Vampire Weekend.

'Brains,' a song by self-described "dark nerds" Lower Dens (led by Jana Hunter), has a slow-burning yet intriguing start. The tune, with its continuous drum pattern and dreamy vocals, could serve well as background music -- but its ethereal feel beckons for a closer listen. The song (from new record 'Nootropics') pushes along at a steady pace, but can Lower Dens push Reptar out of the running?

Will Reptar remain victorious, or will Lower Dens slide in for the win? Listen to 'Orifice Origami' and 'Brains' below, and cast your vote for your favorite song. Voting remains open until Friday, May 11 at 11AM ET, and the winner will face a new Sound Off opponent.

Listen to Reptar, ‘Orifice Origami’

Listen to Lower Dens, 'Brains'

Rules: If the same artist wins five times straight, their song will be retired and inducted into’s Sound Off Hall of Fame. With so many great tracks out there, we have to give other musicians a chance to partake in our Sound Off.

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