Hailing from Kansas City, Rev Gusto are celebrating the release of their debut full-length, Burnt Out Friends, today (July 28), and we're thrilled to give you the chance to hear it in its entirety -- check out the new album in the audio player below.

With a vibe that walks the line of raw and pristine, Rev Gusto's garage pop is on full display throughout the loud, 10-track record. The energy found within the music is by design; as frontman Jerry Frederick explains, "We wanted to capture a raw sound with the album, so we recorded the entire LP live in studio to do so."

As for the theme of the disc, Frederick says it's "about life changing, and the process of adapting to it through the eyes of a young and inexperienced person."

He also adds, "We have played countless live shows and consider this album an extension of the sound of seeing us in a live setting. Several of these songs were written while we were in high school, and have been with us as we have grown as a band through the years."

You can grab more details on everything happening in Rev Gusto's world at their official Facebook page, and make sure to check out more of their music at ReverbNation.