When we watched the Grammys a couple weeks ago and saw fun. onstage accepting an award for Best New Artist, we were all like, "What's the guy from 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' doing up there?"

Turns out it wasn't Rick Moranis onstage with the 'We Are Young' hitmakers; it was their guitarist, Jack Antonoff, who just looks like Moranis. Just look at the above pictures of the two men. The hats, the glasses, the noses and, of course, those goofy smiles -- they're practically the same guy!

And because Antonoff, who's also a member on indie rockers Steel Train, is dating Lena Dunham, the star and creator of super-hip TV show 'Girls,' there's a good chance he and Moranis may be spotted together someday at an awards show or something like that -- although we're not exactly sure what Moranis has done the past seven years. But if that new 'Ghostbusters' movie ever gets launched, maybe fun. can do the theme song. They'd be a perfect fit.

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