Among rapper Killer Mike's myriad interests — aside from model cars, adult entertainment and politics — is Graffitis Swag, the Atlanta, Ga.-based barbershop that he owns. He and El-P recently made alternate use of the building, utilizing it as a venue for Jack Daniel's Uncut Sessions, for which Run the Jewels performed "Pew Pew Pew," a bonus track from their self-titled debut album. Check out video of the performance below:

Jack Daniels' new online music series is still young, as Run the Jewels' performance is the third of the Uncut Sessions, following Robert Delong and Miguel.

The performance is a nice distraction from the fact that Run The Jewels III, the duo's upcoming third album, likely won't be released this year, according to a tweet from El-P. The good news is that work on Meow the Jewels, the cat-centric re-imagining of Run the Jewels' first album, seems to be going just fine: About a week ago, El-P shared a brief snippet of "Angelmeowster," a remake of "Angel Duster."

If the duo decides to include the Run the Jewels bonus track "Pew Pew Pew" in Meow the Jewels, let's hope they have the presence of mind to title it "Mew Mew Mew."