Ryan Adams and singer-songwriter Natalie Prass have been touring Europe together, but recently, a canceled flight kept Prass from making a show in Copenhagen. Adams didn’t let the moment go to waste, opting for a unique get-up to make it up to both concertgoers and his stranded opening act.

It all started when Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) canceled Prass’ flight; both she and Adams took to Twitter to express their disappointment with the airlines … with some of the best tweets possibly ever:

True to promise, though, Adams opened his own show with some Natalie Prass songs – while sporting a polka dot dress and calling himself “Natalie Sas”:

One fan even captured his rendition of Prass’ “Bird of Prey.” Check it out below:

In other news, SAS has not issued a comment.

Thankfully, Adams was well prepared for the moment, as he’s been covering Prass’ songs throughout their trek across Europe. And the pair have been having pleny of fun along the way; they even served up a rendition of “She’s Like the Wind” from Dirty Dancing during a gig in Ireland.