In a recent interview with Australian music outlet Faster Louder, Ryan Adams made the announcement -- much to his fans' delight -- that he plans to unleash one of his shelved records with a name as mysterious as its history: 'Blackhole.'

In the yet-to-be-published interview, the singer-songwriter tells Faster Louder, "I think I might release that, though I haven’t completely decided. It’s my own label, my own studio and my own rules so yeah, I’m open to releasing stuff that hasn’t come out but right now it’s about stuff I’ve been making in the last few years because there’s so much of it."

According to FL, this isn't the first time fans have heard about 'Blackhole.' A few years ago, Adams made the statement that he finished production on the "infamous" album, and a few years before that in an interview with Q Magazine, Adams hinted at the possibility of the record being included in a then-forthcoming box-set. In that same interview, he described the dark rock sound of 'Blackhole': "It's ... really epic and big ... That was the last record I made in the last days of the drugs."

Does this mean fans will finally get their hands on Adams' long-lost 'Blackhole,' not to mention all of the other albums he has so respectably canned (don't forget about the $100,000 he spent not long ago on a scrapped record)?

Assuming more details surface, stay tuned for the latest happenings around 'Blackhole.' As fans wait in anticipation, Adams is preparing for the release of his 14th studio album, appropriately titled 'Ryan Adams,' on Sept. 9 via Pax Am Records. Get the details on that release here.

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