Back in 2012, Ryan Adams released a massive box set of live recordings pressed on fifteen vinyl records. The LPs cataloged the singer-songwriter’s return to the stage after taking a two-year break to address his diagnosis of Meniere’s disease. The records are comprised of performances from throughout Europe in June 2011, better known as Adams’ ‘Acoustic Nightmare’ tour.

When the box set was announced, it was initially scheduled to be released on June 15, 2012. Because of the enormous demand for the vinyl, Adams’ website crashed, and the release was delayed to June 18.

As you can imagine, the sets were snatched up instantly and have since turned into highly-sought after pieces of Adams’ prolific musical history. Occasionally, fans might stumble onto ‘Live After Deaf’ on eBay, but the prices are usually astronomically high.

Today (Dec. 1), Adams and his crew have unearthed complete sets of ‘Live After Deaf’ from “deep storage,” and have put them up for sale. Not only can you get your hands on the full set (minus the original box) for $499.99, but you can also pick and choose individual LPs for $34.99 each.

If this is something you have any interest in at all, do not hesitate: The third, fourth and 14th LPs have already sold-out at the time of this writing -- and we’re guessing everything will be cleaned out in a matter of days (if not hours).

To see all the LPs and to get your hands on ‘Live After Deaf,’ head over to Adams’ official online store right here. Good luck shopping!

Listen to Ryan Adams Perform 'Crossed Out Name' -- 'Live After Deaf,' LP1