Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams is back to his no-sleep-for-the-weary ways. Despite the arrival of his latest self-titled full-length in September and a series of 7-inches from his label, Pax Am, Adams shows no signs of slowing down. Next up, he'll work with composer Theodore Shapiro to score the upcoming movie, ‘Danny Collins.’

The star-studded comedy drama’s cast will include Al Pacino as an aging rocker who sets off on a journey to find his biological son after discovering a letter written to him by John Lennon. The movie will also star Annette Benning, Jennifer Garner, Bobby Cannavale, Josh Peck and Christopher Plummer.

This isn’t Adams' first go at composing for movies; he contributed ‘Stay Alive’ to 2013’s ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,’ starring Ben Stiller.

In addition to Adams and Shapiro’s original compositions, appropriately, the ‘Danny Collins’ soundtrack will also include songs by John Lennon.

‘Danny Collins’ is slated for a 2015 release.

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