While millions of teen girls were tuning into 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' last night (Aug. 13) to see special guest Taylor Swift, alt-rock fans were glued to their set for one reason and one reason only: the musical guest, Ryan Adams. As the world prepares for the Sept. 9 release of the singer-songwriter's self-titled album, Adams performed 'Gimme Something Good' alongside his new band, the Shining.

"They're making their U.S. TV debut with us tonight," Jimmy Fallon exclaims right before the song, noting that Adams has never played on television with this new group. With four bandmates supporting him -- including album co-producer and co-writer Mike Viola on guitar -- Adams jammed through a rocking rendition of the first song released from his upcoming record.

In addition to Viola, the Shining is comprised of bassist Charlie Stavish, drummer Freddie Bokkenheuser and keyboardist Daniel Clarke. Even though this band has recently played a few shows with Adams, this is the first time they performed under the moniker 'the Shining.'

If his electric guitar and denim jacket full of patches weren't enough to convince fans that he and his crew were there to rock, Adams had some menacing silver skulls sitting atop his amplifiers. 'Gimme Something Good' is a clear departure from the more Americana-esque tunes from his previous album, 'Ashes and Fire,' but it packs just as much soul and heart as anything Adams has ever written.

Ryan Adams' self-titled album is out Sept. 9 via Pax Am Records. To pre-order your copy, click here.

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