Two young lovers suffer unlikely injuries in a funny Sears ad that mocks commercial cliches with the help of the music of Brooklyn indie band Chappo.

The commercial begins like any number of ads we've seen — a couple drives to the beach and plays in the water as inspirational phrases like "Be free" and "Live" appear on the screen. Just as we're trying to figure out what car company or clothing line the ad is promoting... smack! The guy runs straight into a Sears refrigerator that just happens to be sitting on the beach. He falls to the ground in a heap. What in the world is going on here?

"You won't run into the top ten appliance brands anywhere," a voiceover informs us. "Only Sears carries them all." As viewers begin to understand the clever play on words, the woman comes running behind and collides with the fridge herself.

The song playing throughout the 30-second spot is Chappo's 'Come Home,' a tune from their EP 'Plastique Universe' and full-length album 'Moonwater.' The infectious rock track and its upbeat vibe are perfect for the beach scenes in the commercial.

Chappo are signed to Majordomo and describe their sound as "psychedelic soul, island romance pop, space rock." Among their upcoming tour dates is a gig at Montreal's Osheaga Festival on Aug. 5.

Watch the Sears Beach 2012 Commercial Feat. Chappo's 'Come Home'