Last night’s (May 19) season finale of ‘The Simpsons,’ titled ‘The Saga of Carl,’ featured animated depictions of Icelandic greats Sigur Ros, as well as an appearance by countrywoman Bjork in her infamous swan dress.

The episode focuses on Homer, Moe and Lenny’s trip to Iceland in order to track down their friend Carl, who escapes to the European country with a winning lottery ticket. Sigur Ros surfaces in a crowd of Icelandic locals right around the 17:20 mark, and Bjork shows up at 11:15. Their original music plays steadily throughout the clip, and a reworked version of the theme song is included in the end credits – click here to watch the full episode.

“I’m a longtime fan of Sigur Ros, and we’re honored to bring their Icelandic, ambient moods to our goofy cartoon show,” said ‘Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening in a statement. According to their official site, Sigur Ros “have written and performed more original music for ‘The Simpsons’ than any other outside band in the show’s history.”

In other news, Sigur Ros have been busy readying the release of their forthcoming album ‘Kveikur,’ due out on June 18 via XL Recordings.

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