Silent Drape Runners are a Brooklyn electronic duo consisting of Russ Marshalek and Sophie Weiner. While I'd affectionately classify them as "art-house electronica," their entire project is so steeped in the work of David Lynch that they refer to themselves as "Lynchian Pop." Needless to say, it's an oblique take on what you might normally think of as pop, and today, we're proud to offer -- and premiere -- their new single 'Ten Se' for free download.

'Ten Se' -- "a panic attack broadcast over a broken radio," Marshalek tells -- is a deconstructed variation of the word "tense," and that's how it sounds. But it's also alluring and mysterious. Weiner's voice cascades in melodic cadence against a frenetic electronic background, making an intriguing contrast.

Silent Drape Runners cite Enya, Heather Marlatt and Agent Dale Cooper as influences -- but the end result on 'Ten Se' also shares some commonality with Grimes. (They also mention memes, alcohol, tea, feelings, emotions, vibes, blogs and cats as influences.)

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