Like any good band that knows how people get news these days, Silversun Pickups revealed on their official Twitter page that they will release their third studio album this spring. 'Neck of the Woods' is set to drop May 8.

Frontman Brian Aubert unleashed a series of tweets recently about the new record. Aside from the name of the album and release date, Aubert responded to fans with additional hints about 'Neck of the Woods.'

The early stages of the album happened by chance. The Los Angeles band had an accidental encounter with Grammy-winning producer Jacknife Lee while recording guest vocals on the new Snow Patrol record. Lee has amassed an impressive list of clients, including R.E.M., Weezer and U2. Chance encounters seem to be the theme with 'Neck of the Woods.'

"It's bizarre," Aubert tells, pointing out that Lee's hone studio turned out to be in the Topanga Canyon woods, just minutes away from where the singer grew up. "I thought it would be fun to walk down my old street. It was like playing with fire a little bit. So much came back that I had forgotten about and it was a really emotional experience. I just realized this place and the feelings I had are still ingrained in me."

As for the sound of the record, Aubert curiously says that it's "like a horror movie." He continues: "[SSPU's 2009 release] 'Swoon' was more about what I was feeling at that particular time," he says, "whereas with this one, I wanted to see what built me. It was learning why I am the way I am."

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