Simon Joyner's been influencing a lot of your favorite bands for the past 20-odd years ... and chances are you don't know who he is. You'll get another chance to get to know and love this Omaha folk hero, though, when his newest album, Grass, Branch and Bone, goes on sale March 31. 

And now we have not one, but two songs from the record available to listen to now. The first tune, "Got You Under My Skin," premiered in January, and yesterday (Feb. 25), Joyner debuted a second track, "Nostalgia Blues." It's a seven-minute narrative recounting relationships with the sort of raw intimacy that Joyner was known for long before it became "a thing."

Grass, Branch and Bone is Joyner's 22nd album, and his first release with folk label Woodsist. (Joyner will be joining a few of his new label mates at the upcoming Woodsist Festival in Big Sur, California.)

Joyner said in an interview with Diffuser (full feature coming soon!) that he's playing a run of shows on the way to the Woodsist Festival, which is scheduled for May 18. Stay tuned for more details on his upcoming tour.

For more information on Simon Joyner's shows and news, check out his website. And to purchase tickets for the Woodsist Festival, head over to this location.