Apparently nobody told the record industry big wigs that Mandatory Music already comes out on Fridays.

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry just announced that all records will be released globally at the same time, which means no more traditional Tuesday releases. Personally, I think Friday already had enough going for it (movie releases, date nights, TGIF on ABC in the '90s), so it's just another case of the rich getting richer. Tuesday had no comment but was reportedly upset Beyonce didn't win.

Check out five songs artists shared this past week regardless of what day it is now:


'Living Zoo' from 'Untethered Moon'

Built to Spill haven't been on hiatus for the past six years, but they haven't exactly been completely active, either. Aside from an EP in 2010, Doug Martsch and the boys haven't released any new music since  2009's There is No Enemy and, in the meantime, they've completely swapped out their rhythm section. But if "Living Zoo," the upbeat first song released from their upcoming eighth album, Untethered Moon, is any indication, this is the same old Built to Spill we all know and love.


'California Nights' from 'California Nights'

Producer Wally Gagel has worked with the likes of both Muse and Miley Cyrus, making him uniquely suited to take on co-ed duo Best Coast's ever-expanding sound. Although vocalist Bethany Cosentino and multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno made the Best Coast name on lo-fi, fuzzed-out surf-rock, the title track from the even sunnier California Nights is moody and atmospheric until the drums take over halfway in.


'Nostalgia Blues' from 'Grass, Branch and Bone'

If anyone can get away with referencing the nursery rhyme "Hey Diddle Diddle" (and make it somehow sound heart-wrenching) it's likely master lyricist Simon Joyner -- forefather of the Omaha folk-rock scene and a huge influence on the likes of Conor Oberst and Beck. Joyner does just that in "Nostalgia Blues," the latest from his upcoming thirteenth album, Grass, Branch and Bone.


'Love Songs for Robots' from 'Love Songs for Robots'

If you don't know Canadian singer/songwriter Patrick Watson from his work with the Cinematic Orchestra on 2007's Ma Fleur, you might recognize his breathy falsetto voice from this stylized Walking Dead commercial. But he's an award-winning cabaret-pop auteur with four incredible albums to his name and Love Songs for Robots just announced for May 12.


'Sweet Satisfaction' from 'Primrose Green'

That's the cover art below for Primrose Green, the upcoming sophomore full-length from Chicago's Ryley Walker and, if you look closely, you'll see that inset second photo of Walker where his jacket should be. That's like literally wearing his Nick Drake and Tim Buckley influence on his sleeve. "Sweet Satisfaction" may start out sounding Americana, but it quickly swirls into a psychedelic epic.