Sinead O'Connor is receiving help for her marijuana habit. Yesterday, she admitted that she recently spent time in rehab and is currently living in a facility to help her stay clean.

"I was in rehab by the way," she wrote on Facebook. "For thirty years of being a weed head. Can proudly state I now have clean piss and will be in a 'sober living environment' for the next year. It's more like a home environment. Only it's complete with support system. Which is a first for me. Proud of self. Wasn't easy. 0-18 years in Ireland and then 34 years in music business and the s--- that's gone on for the last year.... it's a miracle I wasn't on every drug in sundry. #CleanPissRocks"

About an hour before she disclosed her stint in rehab, she wrote, "What a f---ing year. Been treated so bad it's a miracle I made it. But I did. And I'm proud I did. And I will always. Because God is good." Part of her mood could be attributed to having received hormone replacement therapy a few weeks ago and she said that is now "me again."

O'Connor's physical and mental health problems in recent history have, unfortunately, overshadowed her music. This spring, she was reported missing in the Chicago suburbs when she hadn't returned from a bike ride. She was found a day later at a local hotel and transferred to a nearby hospital.

Her most recent album was 2014's I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss.

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