Skies Alive's unique spin on an old sound has showgoers across the Midwest shouting along.

Spawned from the chart-topping pop-punk scene spearheaded by Fall Out Boy, the group has drawn on myriad influences -- everything from At The Drive-In to Paramore -- to write songs that run the gamut from indie-pop to pop-rock to post-hardcore.

Their most recent EP, 'Til I Die,' stands as their crowning achievement, having spawned such underground favorites as 'At Least I'm Not the Enemy' and 'The Blacklist.'

"'Godspeed' was a really personal song for Skies," drummer Brock Parks tells "It was the first song that we wrote together after I joined the band."

Sadly, after 'Til I Die' failed to further Skies Alive's position and meet the high goals the band set for itself, Matt Brown and Nick Westgor left. They eventually started Crash Bandits, while Brock began exploring a career as the solo hip-hop artist BP.

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