BP, short for Brock Parks, might be a young MC, but in his lifestyle and rhymes, the born and bred Midwesterner is hardly immature. As a casual rhyme writer, BP has assembled verses in his bedroom since 2007, when he was just 15. At that time, hip-hop took a backseat to his passion for playing drums and his obligations to the rock chapter of the scene he grew up in. But it's clear to see (and hear) that drums were a natural segue into beat-making and rapping, and BP now records on a near full-time basis, even if he has to work around his full-time schedule.

Listening to tracks like 'Trees', 'The Wait' and 'Theme Of Me,' today's free MP3 download, the synergy felt between BP and producer Amos is obvious. As BP tells Diffuser, "It's a rare thing to find someone you can vibe with on a musical plane the way that Amos and I do." And anyone can learn from the laid-back, genuine attitude the performer has adopted. "I'm making music for you and me," he says, "and having fun doing it."

If you're into the honest stylings of Homeboy Sandman or the ignorant party rap of Prof, grab this one.

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