Drummer Chris Moran and singer Ryan Houser make up the electric blues two-piece Slim Wray, and their propensity for bombastic fuzz blasts are sure to rock your Labor Day barbeque soundtrack.

The dudes have been through their fair share of New York bands, and they played together in Ten Pound Strike and Thick as Thieves before committing to the battle blues of Slim Wray.

'Bear,' the band's new single, is a simple slugger that really opens up around the chorus, when Houser howls "Ah'woo'hoo!" The song appears on their record 'Sack Lunch,' produced by Dan McLoughlin.

"With 'Bear,' we wanted to write a tune that had a catchy refrain and was always in motion," Moran tells Diffuser.fm. "Howzr laid down this fat, gritty guitar line, and I accompanied it with a big, swingin' drum feel."

"For the lyrics," he adds, "we wrote a story everyone could relate to: the 'chase' of someone you're diggin' and the vulnerable positions you put yourself in to get some of that good lovin' ... Ah WOOHOO!!!!"

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