At the beginning of March, Soko dropped her sophomore album, My Dreams Dictate My Reality, which features two collaborations with Ariel Pink on “Monster Love” and “Lovetrap.” Now, the French singer has unveiled a video for the latter track -- check it out above.

Soko directed and starred in the new clip in which she dresses up as Pink and proceeds to storm about town in an angry huff demanding, “Be my girlfriend / Be my best friend / Be my everything / Don’t leave my side / Don’t make me cry / Just be my merman.” It’s a hilarious spoof, and Pink himself even appears at the tail end of the clip.

Diffuser recently caught up with Soko to discuss her new album, along with her experience working with Pink.

“When we wrote ‘Lovetrap’ together, it was so collaborative,” she said. “I wrote a verse, he wrote a verse, he sang my verse, reversing the lyrics. It was just crazy back and forth. It was really fun because we feed off each other’s crazy mind. It’s very fluid and easy and exciting.”

Before “Lovetrap,” Soko unveiled two other D.I.Y. videos for My Dreams Dictate My Reality tracks, “Ocean of Tears” and “Temporary Mood Swings.”