Somadrone is prepping for a "dramatic excursion through indie-influenced electronica," as a press release describes the Irish producer's latest album, 'The First Wave,' and he's created visuals to match. In his new 'Bests' video, the longtime Redneck Manifesto member seemingly takes a blurry, slo-mo look back at some quasi-remembered special occasion. Whether it's a happy or sad event -- a parade or a funeral -- is open to interpretation, but thanks in part to the woozy romance of the music, the vibe is more warmly nostalgic than anything else.

Recorded from 2010 to 2013 in Dublin, Brooklyn and San Francisco, 'The First Wave' drops digitally on Nov. 4 and gets a vinyl release via Bodytonic on Nov. 18. Somadrone's previous works have earned him comparisons to the likes of Brian Eno, and he crafted this latest batch of "genre-less, electronic soundscapes" using a mixture of analog drum machines, synths and guitars. Click here for more info, and as you watch 'Bests,' don't lament your lack of vision insurance. You're not going blind. It's supposed to look like that.