Back in 1989, a group of people collectively known as Sonic Youth made their first television appearance on a show called 'Night Music.' One of the songs they played was a cover of the Stooges classic 'I Wanna Be Your Dog.' The 'Night Music' crew joined in the fun, and it got a little wacky.

The song itself is pretty raucous affair, as one might expect from the Stooges. And of course, Sonic Youth were not the type of band to cover a song and make it smoother, so the whole thing is pretty ragged, but still fun. Including the 'Night Music' band members in on the fun only made the whole thing that much more chaotic in the end.

Saxophonist, and the show's host, David Sanborn -- along with the flautist -- even got in on the action, coming in to add their respective voices to the big noise jam at the end. We're guessing they didn't normally get to do many crazed punk songs, because they maybe went a little overboard here. Have you ever seen someone smash his flute onstage in a fit of musically induced frenzy? Well, now you have.

Sonic Youth performed a second song on the show, too. They played 'Silver Rocket,' one of their own songs that show how great the band could be back in the day. It's a high-energy mover and shaker defined by Steve Shelley's frenetic drumming and Thurston Moore's chimy, fast-paced guitar. Check that one out below.