Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo has released a video for 'Angles,' a track from his new solo effort 'Between the Times and the Tides.'

The clip follows a young lady starting in the aftermath of a ticket-tape parade. From there, she walks and runs through the streets on New York City, day and night, with no apparent direction. Meanwhile, Ranaldo is stuck in an alley with an electric guitar swinging on a wire. He grabs the guitar and attempts to play it with a bow. At one point, the girl runs right past Ranaldo but they never interact with each other.

Ranaldo's wife, Leah Singer, directed the video and explained the concept to Vulture: "The swinging guitar pays homage to Lee's experimental work and Z Behl, the girl, has been a friend since she was a child. Josh and Brett from Red Bucket Films lend a hand. They worked with our kids on the feature film 'Daddy Longlegs.' So it was a bit of a family affair."

Some of the aerial shots were taken using a camera attached to helium balloons. The unusual storyline of the video has an indie vibe likely to make viewers think. Are Ranaldo and the girl supposed to be connected in any way? Are the hanging guitar and bow metaphors for something larger? Or is the video just slightly weird for the sake of being weird? In any case, it makes for interesting viewing.

Watch the Lee Ranaldo 'Angles' Video