We've waited 15 years for something new from Soundgarden (we're gonna pretend Audioslave and Chris Cornell's collaboration with Timbaland never happened), and it's been two years since they announced their reunion. So naturally we were thrilled this morning when Chris Cornell tweeted a preview of their new song, 'Live to Rise,' which will appear in the upcoming movie 'The Avengers.'

However, our joy was soon tempered by discovering that the preview is only 22 seconds long and is little more than (presumably) the song's main riff. Come on, guys, is it really too much to ask, after all this time, to give us a little more than that? This isn't a full commercial's length of a snippet! Even just a touch of Cornell's vocals would have been nice.

Still, 'Live to Rise' will be included on 'Avengers Assemble: Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture,' which will be available on May 1, three days before the release of the film.

The band will play a handful of festival dates in Europe between May 25 and June 10. And since there's no information available about the new album, for all we know right now that might be the only chance to hear them this year.

Listen to 22 Seconds of 'Live to Rise,' Soundgarden's New Song from 'The Avengers"

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