The five songs mashed up in Toyota Corolla's 'Style Never Goes Out of Style' commercial are a pretty funky mix. Pretty seamless too, with Edwin Starr's '25 Miles' walking straight into Chic's disco classic 'Le Freak,' which slams into the robo-funk of Herbie Hancock's 'Rockit.'

And then it all comes to a brakes-screeching halt when the retro-styled booty shakers and B-boys hit the '90s with Soundgarden's 'Rusty Cage,' which comes from their awesomely heavy 1991 album 'Badmotorfinger.' Things turn into a chaotic mosh pit packed with flailing bodies and lighting and mood borrowed from Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' video.

The concept here is that the car, despite all the other changes going on in the world (at least those in the music world), remains a steadily dependent ride. As the music shifts from the '60s and the '70s through the '80s and '90s before ending up with Shy Kidz' somewhat faceless EDM jam 'Orion' representing the '10s, the Corolla rolls through the scenery like it naturally fits in every era.

Too bad the minute-long clip is running on empty by the time it gets to the Soundgarden song. The '60s and '70s segments -- filmed in black and white and shag-rugged hues, respectively -- are a blast (we totally dig the 'Soul Train' set of the '70s). And the head-spinning dancers and 'Wild Style'-inspired decor of the hip-hop '80s are a lot of fun. But once skateboarders glide into the '90s, the concept forces grunge as the decade's defining music.

It all wraps up with a rainbow-colored dance party introducing the 2014 version of the car. The '60s kids are there. So are the '70s and '80s ones. But where are the '90s alt-rockers? Good question. Looks like we're not the only ones who wanted to forget they were part of this commercial.