Spacehog didn't follow any typical path to stardom. Four men from Leeds, England, formed the band after coming together in New York.

Guitarist Antony Langdon met drummer Johnny Cragg, and Antony's brother Royston jumped in on bass and vocals. Antony enlisted the help of fellow English countryman Richard Steel, and Spacehog locked in a record deal within a year of coming together in 1994. This was good news for all the fellows, but especially for Cragg, who's previous job was killing rats at a New York restaurant.

Spacehog experienced some meager chart success in the U.S. with their song 'In the Meantime,' and released two albums on Sire Records before being dropped. They didn't give up, though. After signing with Artemis Records in 2001, Spacehog released what would be their last album for 12 years, 'The Hogyssey.' This album spawned a couple of singles, including the song 'I Want to Live.' You can watch them perform the song on 'Late Show With David Letterman' above.

Disillusion with record labels seemed to develop within the minds of Spacehog early on. This short clip is an interview with the Langston brothers. Antony discusses how record labels "have a way of signing you for what feels like a lot of money, and then you haven't got any." Royston followed this up by stating succinctly, "Don't trust record companies because they suck."

They also got together to do a quick interview and perform a song for the short-lived FX morning television talk show 'Breakfast Time.' The guys went over their respective nicknames and goofed around a bit with the puppet co-host before performing 'Only a Few.' Check it out in the video below.

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