In our minds, Yo La Tengo always have been and always will be. They released their first album in 1986, and they're still going strong. When all else fails you, Yo La Tengo will still be there with droning guitars and deceptively upbeat drums. For today's Lost & Found, we've dug up a Yo La Tengo performance on, of all places, MSNBC.

They appeared on a short-lived news show called 'Edgewise.' The show lasted for only one year, but that was more than enough time for Yo La Tengo to stop by and promote their album 'I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One.' That wasn't the only short-lived talk show they appeared on. They also dropped by tennis player John McEnroe's self-titled CNBC talk show, which only lasted for about six months.

We're not sure how Yo La Tengo ended up on these news shows, but the band has always seemed to have a strong work ethic. So when it's time to promote a new album, they seem like they'll go wherever they can play. They most recently appeared on an episode of 'Parks and Rec' alongside Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy and the Decemberists.

We'd be remiss if we wrote a video post about Yo La Tengo without including the music video for their song 'Sugarcube.' This video features David Cross, Bob Odenkirk and John Ennis, all of 'Mr. Show' fame. In the video, Yo La Tengo get sent to Rock and Roll School, where they learn how to be the hard-living, room-trashing, guitar-smashing rock gods that the public demands. One of the best parts is Bob Odenkirk reading Rush lyrics outside under a tree.

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