Here's to Speedy Ortiz for living up to their name and racing back into action with new product. On the heels of their acclaimed full-length debut, 'Major Arcana,' the foursome from Northampton, Mass., are readying a new EP called 'Real Hair.' Preview the four-song set -- due out Feb. 11 on Carpark -- by streaming the single 'Everything's Bigger' below.

Produced and mixed by Paul Q. Kolderie, who's worked the likes of Pixies and Radiohead, 'Real Hair' promises to deliver more of the band's irresistibly scruffy '90s-style rock, though as singer Sadie Dupuis says, there's at least one major difference.

"While the last album was kind of a breakup jam, these songs are a lot more introspective -- myself dealing with and talking to and making sense of myself," she says.

Dupuis will have plenty of time to get lost in her own head this winter, as Speedy Ortiz head out on a lengthy tour that will see them share stages with the Breeders, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks and Los Campesinos! Click here for a list of dates.