Since learning of David Bowie’s passing on Sunday (Jan. 10), many artists have been moved to pay tribute to the artist who deeply impacted their lives and careers. Spoon frontman Britt Daniel has followed suit, delivering a stripped cover of “Never Let Me Down.”

Daniel shared the cover on Spoon’s Facebook page today, writing, “Recorded this tonight at home.” The singer offers an acoustic take on the song, which appeared on Bowie’s 1987 album of the same name. Take a listen below and then compare it to the original at the bottom of the page.

Daniel reflected on Bowie’s legacy in another Facebook post the previous day:

I went to bed early last night. Woke up at 3 and glanced at my phone. It's 515 now and I'm realizing there'll be no more sleep tonight. I was just saying last week isn't it amazing how Bowie is still with us and we get another album from him? No other artist has meant as much to me personally or inspired my own songs as much. What a spirit. What an inspiration. What a shining example of the beauty that humanity can create. Bless him.

David Bowie, "Never Let Me Down" -- Official Music Video

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