Earlier this week, tech outlets reported that Spotify was rolling out a new "Tweet the Beat" feature. Whenever users played music on the streaming service, a message popped up inviting them to tweet an auto-generated message at the artist, thanking them for the track.

Now, it looks like this feature may have been rolled back.

The pop up, which in its early rollout stage only showed up when users listened to Rihanna, showed the pre-written tweet and two buttons -- "Cancel" or "Tweet." The tweet, which appears to be editable, reads: "Thanks @Rihanna for the new single!! Turn it up and you'll love it in like four five seconds! #BBHMM" followed by a Spotify link to the track.

But it doesn't appear the feature is currently live. We didn't have any luck clicking through Spotify trying to activate the pop up, and when we popped the auto-generated message into Twitter's search box, it appeared no Twitter users had tweeted the message after April 13.

"We're always testing new things on our different platforms and to various user groups," a Spotify spokesperson told us, when we asked about the feature. "We don't have any more information to share right now -- but as soon as we do, we'll let you know."

The new feature caught some flak from tech outlets, who called it "Twitter spam." They also speculated that the streaming service is trying endear itself to artists who've grown weary of Spotify. Rihanna happens to be the first artist to release a major exclusive on Jay Z's new Spotify competitor, Tidal.

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