Over the next few months, New York City-based psychedelic alt-rocker Sterling Fox will release a series of brand new, standalone singles. Today (April 9), Diffuser is excited to premiere the first of the new tunes, a cover of Radiohead's earth-shattering hit, "Creep." Check out Fox's rendition in the audio player below.

At first, "Creep" may appear to be an uneventful song to cover, but Fox quickly puts a chilling spin on it, making it his own while harkening the discomfort and beauty of the original.

"'Creep' is one of the most over-covered songs ever ... so naturally, I had to cover it," Fox admits. "The thing is, I don't remember hearing a version that held the same ennui as the original."

While the tension in the song feels like it could explode at any given moment, Fox proves he's in complete control from start to finish.

"I wanted to do something that gave the same feeling of unease and madness," he explains. "I did it in the middle of winter in my bedroom, so it's definitely inspired by isolation and frustration. There's something liberating about putting those emotions out there that helps you deal with them."

Make sure to head over to Fox's Facebook page to stay up-to-date with everything happening in his world, and then dive deeper into his work over at Soundcloud.