A lot has happened to Interpol since they released their self-titled album four years ago -- not the least of which being their near complete destruction.

Although they did manage to tour with U2, bassist Carlos Dengler left the band, they went on temporary hiatus and frontman Paul Banks released two solo albums under the pseudonym Julian Plenti.

But the band are back with their upcoming fifth full-length, 'El Pintor,' featuring Banks on bass along with appearances by Brandon Curtis of the Secret Machines, Jellyfish and Imperial Drag founder Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and Bon Iver multi-instrumentalist Rob Moose. Listen to it here via NPR.

Recorded at New York's Electric Lady Studios and Atomic Sound with engineer James Brown (Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys), the album is set for release Sept. 9 on Matador. The album title is an anagram for the band's name and means "the painter" in Spanish. Get details on the album and the band's full tour schedule here.

Watch Interpol's Official Music Video for 'All the Rage Back Home'